Latest TDS Rate Chart for FY 2021-22 (AY 2022-23)|Pdf Download

Last year Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced a slew of direct tax measures as part of theCovid-19relief package on 13th May 2020 by reducing the TDS and TCS rates by 25% which was from 14th May 2020 till 31-03-2021. Now from 01st April 2021 onwards, the Rates have been again the same as earlier. Therefore we have enumeratedthe Latest TDS Rate chart for FY 2021-22 (AY 2022-23) in the following table. TDS rate chart for Financial Year 2021-22 is also provided in PDF for download below, which can be downloaded in Pdf table.

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TDS Rate chart for FY 2021-22 (AY 2022-23)

SectionNature of PaymentThresholdIndividual/HUFOthers
192SalaryTaxable Income liable to TaxNormal Slab Rate OR New Tax Regime Slab Rate as opted by employee. OPTION TO CHOOSE BETWEEN NEW AND OLD TAX SLAB REGIME FOR SALARIED EMPLOYEESNA
192APremature withdrawal from EPF50,00010%NA
193Interest on securities2,50010%10%
194AInterest on Bank Deposit/Post Office Deposit/Banking Co-Society Deposit4000010%10%
194AInterest on Bank Deposit/Post Office Deposit/Banking Co-Society Deposit (Payee:Senior Citizen)50,00010%NA
194AInterest other than “Interest on securities”(Other Than Bank Deposit/Post Office Deposit/Banking Co-Society Deposit)5,00010%10%
194BWinnings from lotteries, crossword puzzles, card games and other games of any sort10,00030%30%
194BBWinnings from horse races10,00030%30%
194CPayment to contractor/sub-contractorSingle Transaction: 30,000 & Aggregate of Transactions: 1,00,0001%2%
194DInsurance commission15,0005%10%
194DAPayment in respect of life insurance policy1,00,0001%1%
194EPayment to non-resident sportsmen/sports association20%20%
194EEPayment in respect of deposit under National Savings scheme2,50010%10%
194FPayment on account of repurchase of unit by Mutual Fund or Unit Trust of India20%20%
194GCommission on sale of lottery tickets15,0005%5%
194HCommission or brokerage15,0005%5%
194I(a)Rent of Plant & Machinery2,40,0002%2%
194I(b)Rent of Land or building or furniture or fitting2,40,00010%10%
194-IAPayment on transfer of certain immovable property other than agricultural land50 Lakh1%1%
194-IBPayment of rent by individual or HUF not liable to tax audit50,000 per month5%NA
194-ICPayment of monetary consideration under Joint Development Agreements10%10%
194J(a)Fees for technical services or towards royalty in the nature of consideration for sale, distribution or exhibition of cinematographic films;30,0002%2%
194J(b)Fees for professional services30,00010.00%10.00%
194KIncome in respect of units payable to resident person10%10%
194LAPayment of compensation on acquisition of certain immovable property2,50,00010%10%
194LBPayment of interest on infrastructure debt fund to Non Resident5%5%
194LBA(1)Business trust shall deduct tax while distributing, any interest received or receivable by it from a SPV or any income received from renting or leasing or letting out any real estate asset owned directly by it, to its unit holders.10%10%
194LBBInvestment fund paying an income to a unit holder [other than income which is exempt under Section 10(23FBB)]10%10%
194LBCIncome in respect of investment made in a securitisation trust (specified in Explanation of section115TCA)25%30%
194MPayment of commission ( to a resident person by an Individual or a HUF who are not liable to deduct TDS under section 194C, 194H, or 194J.50 Lakh5%5%
194NCash withdrawal during the previous year from one or more account maintained by a person with a banking company, co-operative society engaged in business of banking or a post office:in excess of 1 Crore1 Crore2%2%
194-OPayment or credit of amount by the e-commerce operator to e-commerce participant5 Lakh1%1%

TDS rate Chart for FY 2021-22 (AY 2022-23) in PDF

Most of the readers demand TDS rate chart in PDF so that they can download and print for future references. We have uploaded the TDS rate chart in PDF. Click here to download TDS Rate chart for FY 2021-22 in PDF

In case PAN is not Quoted then TDS Rate would be highest of following:

  1. TDS rate prescribed in the Act
  2. Rates of Tax in force
  3. At 20%

Hope the above article on latest TDS rate chart for FY 2021-22 brings celerity regarding the TDS rates which are applicable from 1 April 2021 onwards.

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