TitleNotification No.DatedDownload
CBDT notifies ‘OMERS Administration Corporation’ as pension fund | Section 10(23EE)Notification No. 66/2021- Income Tax [S.O. 1856(E)]13/05/2021Download
CBDT notifies ‘Government Employees Superannuation Board’ as pension fund | Section 10(23EE)Notification No. 65/2021- Income Tax [S.O. 1855(E)]13/05/2021Download
CBDT notifies ‘Public Sector Pension Investment Board’ as pension fund | Section 10(23EE)Notification No. 64/2021- Income Tax [S.O. 1854(E)]13/05/2021Download
CBDT notifies ‘Ministry of Economy and Finance of Republic of Korea’ as sovereign wealth fundNotification No. 63/2021- Income Tax [S.O. 1853(E)]13/05/2021Download
CBDT notifies ‘CDC Group Plc.’ as sovereign wealth fundNotification No. 62/2021- Income Tax [S.O. 1852(E)]13/05/2021Download
CBDT notifies special court for Tripura under Black Money ActNotification No. 61/2021-CBDT [S.O. 1843(E).]11/05/2021Download
CBDT notifies court of States of Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram & Arunachal Pradesh for Black Money ActNotification No. 60/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1842(E)]11/05/2021Download
CBDT issues corrigendum to notification related to Cash payment to hospitalNotification No. 59/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1839(E)]10/05/2021Download
Notification No. 58/2021-Income Tax, Dated: 10.05.2021Notification No. 58/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1841(E)]10/05/2021Download
Notification No. 57/2021-Income Tax, Dated: 10.05.2021Notification No. 57/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1841(E)]10/05/2021Download
Section 269ST relaxation on cash payment to hospitalsNotification No. 56/2021-Income Tax S.O. 1803(E)07/05/2021Download
CBDT amends Income Tax Notification No. 16/2015 dated 16.02.2015Notification No. 49/2021-
Income Tax [S.O. 1767(E).]
CBDTamendsIncomeTaxNotificationNo. 15/2015 dated 16.02.2015Notification No. 48/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1766(E).]06/05/2021Download
CBDT amends Income Tax Notification No. 14/2015 dated 16.02.2015Notification No. 47/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1765(E)]06/05/2021Download
CBDT notifies ‘Chiswick Investment Pte. Ltd.’ as sovereign wealth fundNotification No. 55/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1763(E)]05/05/2021Download
CBDT notifies ‘Stretford Investment Pte. Ltd.’ as sovereign wealth fundNotification No. 54/2021-Income-Tax [S.O. 1762(E).]05/05/2021Download
CBDT notifies ‘Dagenham Investment Pte. Ltd.’ as sovereign wealth fundNotification No. 53/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1761(E)]05/05/2021Download
CBDT notifies ‘Anahera Investment Pte. Ltd.’ as sovereign wealth fundNotification No. 52/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1760(E)]05/05/2021Download
CBDT notifies ‘Bricklayers Investment Pte. Ltd.’ as sovereign wealth fundNotification No. 51/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1759(E)]05/05/2021Download
CBDT notifies rules for LTC Cash Voucher SchemeNotification No. 50/2021-Income Tax [G.S.R. 320(E)]05/05/2021Download
Govt notifies ‘CDPQ Fixed Income XI Inc.’ as pension fund | Section 10(23EE)Notification No. 46/2021- Income Tax [S.O. 1735(E)]04/05/2021Download
Govt notifies ‘Ivanhoe Logistics India Inc.’ as pension fund | Section 10(23EE)Notification No. 45/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1734 (E)]04/05/2021Download
Govt notifies ‘CDPQ Infrastructures Asia III Inc.’ as pension fund | Section 10(23EE)Notification No. 44/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1733(E)]04/05/2021Download
Govt notifies ‘Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec’ as pension fund | Section 10(23EE)Notification No. 43/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1732(E)]04/05/2021Download
CBDT notifies amendment in rule 114AAB and Form No. 49BANotification No. 42/2021-Income Tax [G.S.R. 318(E)]04/05/2021Download
Rule 11UD Thresholds for the purposes of significant economic presenceNotification No. 41/2021-Income Tax [G.S.R. 314(E)]03/05/2021Download
SFT for Mutual Fund Transactions – Format, Procedure & GuidelineNotification No. 4 of 2021-Income Tax-DGIT30/04/2021Download
SFT for Depository Transactions – Format, Procedure & GuidelineNotification No. 3 of 202130/04/2021Download
CBDT notifies Income Tax rule 44DA & FORM No. 34BBNotification No. 40/2021-Income Tax/G.S.R. 301(E)30/04/2021Download
Government extends time for payment under VSV to 30.06.2021Notification No. 39/2021-Income Tax/S.O. 1704(E)27/04/2021Download
Government extends timelines for Income Tax Assessment (Read Notification)Notification No. 38/2021-Income Tax/S.O. 1703(E)27/04/2021Download
Pension Fund: Income Tax rule 2DB & Form 10BBA amendedNotification No. 37/2021-Income Tax/G.S.R. 291(E)26/04/2021Download
CBDT notifies ‘Maa Umiya Temple’ under Section 80G(2)(b)Notification No. 36/2021-Income Tax/S.O.1698(E)23/04/2021Download
CBDT notifies ‘Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Private Holdings (4) Inc’ U/s. 10(23FE)Notification No. 35/2021-Income Tax/S.O. 1673(E).22/04/2021Download
CBDT notifies ‘Canada Pension Plan Investment Board’ U/s. 10(23FE)Notification No. 34/2021-Income Tax/S.O. 1672(E).22/04/2021Download
Format, Procedure and Guidelines for submission of Statement of Financial Transactions (SFT) for Interest incomeNotification No. 2 of 2021-DGIT20/04/2021Download
Format, Procedure and Guidelines for submission of Statement of Financial Transactions (SFT) for Dividend incomeNotification No. 1 of 2021-DGIT20/04/2021Download
CBDT notifies ‘Norfund, Govt of Norway’ as sovereign wealth fund | Section 10(23FE)Notification No. 33/2021-Income Tax/S.O. 1661(E).19/04/2021Download
CBDT amends Income Tax rule 2DB & Form No. 10BBANotification No. 32/2021- Income Tax [G.S.R. 274(E).]15/04/2021Download
2nd CORRIGENDA to Finance Act, 2021 (No. 13 of 2021)CORRIGENDA No. 2 to Finance Act, 2021 (No. 13 OF 2021)15/04/2021Download
CBDT rectifies 10 mistakes in FINANCE ACT, 2021CORRIGENDA to THE FINANCE ACT, 2021 (No. 13 OF 2021)06/04/2021Download
CBDT notifies amendment in Rule 10DA, 10DB & Form No. 3CEABNotification No. 31/2021-Income-tax [G.S.R 250(E).]05/04/2021Download
CBDT authorizes DIT (CPC) & CIT (Exemption), Bengaluru under Rule 2C, 5CA, 11AA & 17ANotification No. 30/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1443(E).]01/04/2021Download
CBDT notifies Provisions of DTAA between India & IranNotification No. 29/2021-Income-tax [S.O. 1442(E).]01/04/2021Download
New reporting requirements in Form 3CD & RevisionNotification No. 28/2021 [G.S.R. 246(E).]01/04/2021Download
CBDT replaces expression National e-Assessment Centre with National Faceless Assessment CentreNotification No. 27/2021-Income Tax/S.O. 1439(E)31/03/2021Download
Faceless Appeal (Amendment) Scheme, 2021Notification No. 26/2021-Income Tax/S.O. 1438(E)31/03/2021Download
CBDT notifies Prescribed Income-tax Authority’ under Section 143(2) for ReturnsNotification No. 25/2021-Income-tax [S.O. 1437(E).]31/03/2021Download
CBDT notifies Jurisdiction of PCIT (ReFAC)(VU) & Addl. CIT(ReFAC)(VU)Notification No. 24/2021-Income-tax [S.O. 1436(E).]31/03/2021Download
CBDT notifies Jurisdiction of Income-tax Authorities of ReFACsNotification No. 23/2021-Income-tax [S.O. 1435(E).]31/03/2021Download
Jurisdiction of Income tax Authorities of National Faceless Assessment CentreNotification No. 22/2021-Income-tax [S.O. 1434(E).]31/03/2021Download
CBDT notifies ITR Forms for AY 2021-22Notification No. 21/2021-Income Tax/G.S.R. 242(E)31/03/2021Download
PAN Aadhaar linking & section 148 notice issue date extended (Read Notification)Notification No. 20/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1432(E)]31/03/2021Download
President Assents Finance Act 2021No. 13 OF 202128/03/2021Download
CBDT notifies New Income Tax Rules & Forms for Trust & NPOsNotification No. 19/2021-Income Tax/G.S.R. 212(E).26/03/2021Download
Lok Sabha Passes Finance Bill 2021 (Read Bill)Bill No. 15-C of 202123/03/2021Download
CBDT notifies New Form 15E and rule 29BANotification No. 18/2021-Income Tax/G.S.R. 194(E)16/03/2021Download
Income-Tax Authorities- Amendment in Notification No. 66/2014[Notification No. 17/2021/F. No. 279/Misc./66/2014-SO(ITJ)(Pt.)] [S.O. 1225(E)]16/03/2021Download
CBDT notifies reporting of Capital Gain, Dividend, Interest Income in SFTNotification No. 16/2021-Income Tax/G.S.R 175(E)12/03/2021Download
CBDT notifies Head-quarter of PCIT/CIT (Central), Guwahati wef 03.01.2020Notification No. 14/2021-Income Tax/S.O. 1160(E)11/03/2021Download
CBDT revises Form No. 12BA, Part B to Form 16, Annexure II to Form No. 24QNotification No. 15/2021-Income Tax [G .S. R. 170(E)]11/03/2021Download
CBDT approves ‘Bennett University’ for Scientific Research – Section 35(1)Notification No. 12/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 1069(E).]09/03/2021Download
CBDT amends Rule 10V – Guidelines for application of section 9ANotification No. 13/2021-Income Tax [G.S.R. 162(E).]09/03/2021Download
CBDT prescribes rules for determination of Annual accretionNotification No. 11/2021-Income Tax/G.S.R. 155(E).05/03/2021Download
Civil Services Examination Rules-2021F. No. 13018/05/2020-AIS(I)04/03/2021Download
Notification extending various Income Tax due datesNotification No. 10/2021-Income Tax/S.O. 966(E).27/02/2021Download
CBDT date for filing declarations under VSV Act to 31.03.2021Notification No. 09/2021/S.O. 964(E)26/02/2021Download
Model Code of Conduct for elections of 5 states Legislative AssembliesNo. 437/6/1/ECl/INST/FUNCT/MCC/2021/40126/02/2021Download
Section 10(46) exemption to ‘Haryana State Pollution Control Board’Notification No. 08/2021-Income Tax /S.O. 813(E)22/02/2021Download
CBDT notifies Revised Procedure for Faceless AssessmentNotification No. 7/2021-Income Tax/S.O. 742(E)17/02/2021Download
Faceless Assessment (1st Amendment) Scheme, 2021Notification No. 6/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 741(E)]17/02/2021Download
Center for e-Governance, Karnataka to share Information with CBDTNotification No. 05/2021-Income Tax & Order No. F.No. 225/02/2021-ITA.II11/02/2021Download
Vivad se Vishwas Scheme extended till 28.02.2021Notification No. 04/2021-Income Tax31/01/2021Download
Mumbai Local trains to open for Public wef 01.02.2021DMU 2020/ CR 92/ DM 129/01/2021Download
Faceless Penalty Scheme, 2021 – CBDT notifies directionsNotification No. 03/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 118(E)]12/01/2021Download
Faceless Penalty Scheme, 2021Notification No. 02 /2021-(Income-Tax) [S.O. 117(E).]12/01/2021Download
CBDT designates Special Court for the State of TripuraNotification No. 1/2021-Income Tax [S.O. 58(E)]06/01/2021Download
Govt notifies extend due dates of Tax Audit/ITR/VSV SchemeNotification No. 93/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 4805(E).]31/12/2020Download
Vivad Se Vishwas Scheme extended till 31/01/2021 (Notification)Notification No. 92/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 4804(E).]31/12/2020Download
Section 10(46) exemption to Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development AuthorityNotification No. 91/2020-Income Tax/S.O. 4684(E)24/12/2020Download
Notification No. 90/2020-Income Tax, Dated: 15.12.2020Notification No 90/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 4545(E).]15/12/2020Download
Term of Retiring ITAT Members Extended till 31.12.2020F. No. A-60011/140/2020-Admn.III(LA) Part (1)23/11/2020Download
CBDT notifies ‘MIC Redwood 1 RSC Limited’ U/s. 10(23FE)(b)(vi)Notification No. 89/2020 [S.O. 3952(E)]02/11/2020Download
Expression of Interest to Act as an IRP, Liquidator, RP and BTFile No. IP-12011/1/2020-IBBI02/11/2020Download
CBDT notifies extended Due dates of Return & Tax Audit Report for A.Y.2020-21Notification No. 88/2020-CBDT [S.O. 3906(E)]29/10/2020Download
CBDT notifies Equalisation levy (Amendment) Rules, 2020 & FormsNotification No. 87/2020 [S.O. 3865(E)]28/10/2020Download
CBDT designates Court U/s. 280A of Income-tax Act, 1961Notification No. 86/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 3854(E).]28/10/2020Download
Govt. extends cut-off/payment date date under Vivad se VishwasNotification No. 85/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 3847(E)]27/10/2020Download
CBDT amends Rule 67- Investment of fund moneys by Recognised Provident FundsNotification No. 84/2020-Income Tax [G.S.R. 664(E)]22/10/2020Download
Tolerance range for wholesale trading & other cases for AY 2020-21Notification No. 83/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 3660(E)]19/10/2020Download
Maharashtra Govt allows women to travel in local trains during fixed time slotNotification No. DMU 2020/CR 92/DM I16/10/2020Download
​Names of valuers as per Order u/s 34AD of Wealth Tax Act, 1957F. No.CCIT-03/(Hqrs.)(Coord.)Naluer/2020-21/ 329106/10/2020Download
CBDT amends Form 3CD, Form No 3CEB, ITR6, & Inserted New Forms & RulesNotification No. 82/2020-Income Tax [G.S.R. 610(E)]01/10/2020Download
Taxation and Other Laws (Relaxation and Amendment of Certain Provisions) Act, 2020No. 38 OF 202029/09/2020Download
Indian Medicine Central Council (Amendment) Act, 2020No. 25 of 202028/09/2020Download
CBDT notifies Income-tax Authorities of Regional Faceless Appeal CentresNotification No. 81/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 3309(E)]25/09/2020Download
CBDT notifies Income-tax Authorities of National Faceless Appeal CentreNotification No. 80/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 3308(E)]25/09/2020Download
CBDT authorises ACIT/DCIT (NEAC) for issuing 143(2) NoticeNotification No. 79/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 3304(E)]25/09/2020Download
Notification No. 78/2020-Income Tax, Dated: 25.09.2020Notification No. 78/2020-Income Tax [S.O. 3303(E)]25/09/2020Download
Directions for Disposal of appeal under Faceless Appeal Scheme, 2020Notification No. 77/2020- Income Tax [S.O. 3297(E).]25/09/2020Download